I love helping leaders like you dial up their team to reach revenue goals.

If your team doesn’t work well, your business           won’t either. 

Business owners are not natural born team leaders, but I can help make it easier for you. 

I've spent over a decade hiring and leading teams, outsourcing companies and contractors across the globe in a variety of industries.  Delivering solutions and saving literally millions of dollars and weeks of time. 

Heard of the 10,000 hours magic mark for expertise?  

Well, I'm way beyond that when we talk about hiring teams, onboarding and team performance. I've lead brilliant teams too so I know what works and what bombs.

I’m a problem solver at the core. Find me a team challenge, a business problem that needs a solution, or simply a need to figure out the question and I'm all in.

I have a knack for people too. When you have the right talent and the right chemistry, your business will be easier.


She helped me hone in on each detail, which is critical because details truly matter to your business success and future!

Jamie Jensen, testimonial
Jamie Jensen
The Jamie Jensen

I give actionable, practical and tailored advice.  You become the team leader you aspire to and your team becomes a key to your next business success milestone.

I also have an MBA, run several of my own business ventures, worked for large global corporations and have been an independent business consultant.

I’ve worked as a marketer with a chilled juice company.  I spent a chunk of time as a litigation paralegal talking about environmental Superfund sites, video game technology and class actions. My legal claim to fame is working at the law firm in the ‘Erin Brockovich’ movie. 

If formal bios are your jam, browse my street creds.


It kind’a feels like someone just began clearing the underbrush from the forest, so now I see the trees.

Deb Cooperman, client
Deb Cooperman

Tess was amazing! She helped me step back and plan for 3x as much growth and connect it to my contractors' roles. My job as a business owner just got 10x easier.

Halley Gray, testimonial
Halley Gray
Evolve and Succeed

Simply put, if you have questions about what you are doing and how to grow then you need this!

Deidre Fentem, client
Deirdre W. Fentem
Little Red Promotions


Want to more about me? Here's a few fun facts:

  • A good cup of espresso solves many problems

  • I'll take a colorful succulent over a rose any day

  • All bodies of water (river, lakes and oceans) are magical

  • Pop-ups and street art make my heart leap

  • I've been called a rockstar and a purple squirrel for my results, which feels wierdly better than a unicorn


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