I’m Tess Blankenship and I’m passionate about building virtual teams so you get the right expertise to reach your revenue goals.

If your team doesn’t work well, your business won’t either.

Spending over a decade hiring teams, companies, contractors and using resources across the world in a variety of industries; I delivered solutions saving literally millions of dollars and weeks of time to corporations.  I don't believe you have to be big corporation to get big value.  

I want to share all the solution finding brilliance to support entrepreneurs growing the next big thing and deliver sweet value.   Finding the expertise you need, when you need it,  to grow your business with the best team. 

Just like an HR department helps find the best employees, I help you figure out the best strategy and plan for delegating and hiring out.

Matching your business needs with the right contractor expertise, so you can streamline your business and build the right virtual team.

I give actionable, practical and tailored advice so you know how build the right virtual team as your business blows up in a very good way!

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It kind’a feels like someone just began clearing the underbrush from the forest, so now I see the trees.

Deb Cooperman, client
Deb Cooperman

Tess was amazing! She helped me step back and plan for 3x as much growth and connect it to my contractors' roles. My job as a business owner just got 10x easier.

Halley Gray, testimonial
Halley Gray
Evolve and Succeed

Simply put, if you have questions about what you are doing and how to grow then you need this!

Deidre Fentem, client
Deirdre W. Fentem
Little Red Promotions

Why We'd Make a Great Team:

You need to start or grow a team and I help businesses plan and find partners in and outside the US.

You need to determine if employees, contractors or a mix is the best fit. With a proven approach and analysis tailored to your business, I’ll give guidance on what services to keep in-house versus hire out.

You want value from hiring a team and I’ve increased value for small businesses and saved multi-millions for corporations. Value by plugging revenue leaks with your team, freeing up your time, matching hires with growth, high quality work and expert delivery.

You want it done right the first time and you don’t want to pay for your internal inefficiencies. We’ll get clarity on ‘must haves’ and ways to streamline your work that'll save you money.



I also have an MBA, run several of my own business ventures, spent time working in small family run businesses to large global corporations and consulting. I’ve worked as a marketer having a blast launching a new chilled juice. I spent another decade, which makes me sound really old but I’m not, as a litigation paralegal talking about environmental Superfund sites, video game technology and class actions. My legal claim to fame is working at the law firm in the ‘Erin Brockovich’ movie.


  • A good cup of espresso solves many problems just like a glass of wine
  • Succulents forever
  • A good day involves any kind of board on the ocean
  • Pop-ups and street art make my heart leap