4 Big Delegating Myths

Let’s stop the nonsense and talk about what no one tells you when your business is growing and you’re overwhelmed in to-do’s.

It’s time to stop believing the 4 big delegating myths of outsourcing and hiring out work.  They are big fat lies and you need to delegate and outsource before you drown.  You don’t need to be under water ALL THE TIME.

Do you want to delegate better? Work smarter and be a better leader? Then you need to know these


The 4 big delegating myths in all their scary glory, debunked.

You can’t afford it.

It’s expensive and your business needs to be making huge profits to hire anyone. WRONG!  Sure it can be expensive, but it can also be inexpensive too. It all depends on how complex and risky the job is and partly how good you can get at giving direction.  You just need to find the right things to hire out so you don’t lose your sanity. Need someone to research guest posts and speaking gigs, manage your customer care or onboard clients, it’s likely in the neighborhood of $15-$30/hour. 

Focus on what you can do best and hire others to do the rest.
— @thetessblank


It’ll take more time to tell someone how to do it, then doing it yourself. 

Sure this might be true at the beginning when you first start working with someone. The whole point is you don’t want to keep doing it all yourself. Doing it all yourself is why you feel underwater all the time. You haven’t seen your friends and your family only recognizes you by the glow of the computer screen (it can’t be just me?!) 

If you delegate work, you need to spend some time sharing what it is you want them to do, how you want it done for your business then let their expertise shine and they go and do it. Yes, you’ll want to check in, but with the right person, your micro-managing tendencies can be put to work elsewhere.

It’ll never be as good as you do it. 

Actually, it might be better. You’re probably wasting time where it’s not needed.  Are you really the expert in everything your business needs?

Yea, I didn’t think so and it’s ok to say so.

To get good results, you need to be able to explain what you want. In fact, if you can write down in detail what you expect, your chances of getting it are even better.  Be open to change with our outsource partner too. They’ve ‘been around the block’ in a very good way and can save you a lot of headaches and time.

It’s too risky.

I’ve heard those horror stories too.  Yes, sometimes you hire horribly and you’re left redoing the work. But, if you really want to grow your business, figure out how to reduce the risk.

Hire right the first time and know it might feel awkward when you’re managing your first contractor. Awkward doesn’t equal risky. Risky is giving someone all your personal passwords to your payment system and website. Reducing your risk is using a password app to manage separate passwords for your contractors that you control.

It’s ok if you’ve never hired out work before and I want you to hire out right. Getting the right skills, expertise, and vibe.

The myths are no more, so go forth and conquer your growth! Focus on what you can do best and hire others to do the rest. (Rhyming is not my thing so I’ll leave you with this unexpected treasure)

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