5 Big Planning Traps

5 Big Planning Traps.

You've made the commitment to your business and have a plan. Total success is at your fingertips! What could possibly go wrong? Let's talk about the 5 big planning traps so you can avoid them, and actually have a good shot at achieving success. 1. The 'vanilla' planning trap.  Your plan doesn't have any specifics, nothing concrete. It could be anyone's plan for nearly any type of business it's so 'vanilla'.  A vanilla plan will have statements like: "grow income", "make more money than last year", "grow email list", "get more customers".  Check here for Tips to get out of the vanilla plan mode and make a plan that's all about your business in detail. If you think you have it nailed, use the checklist to see if you get a gold star!

2. Set it & Forget it planning trap.  You've set up your plan and never looked at it again. Unless you revisit your plan, stick up reminders to know what you're trying to achieve, your chances of failure go sky high!

So, put it in your calendar as a 10-minute meeting with yourself to review your plan.  Set up your wallpaper screen with the key phrases for the goals in your plan. Make a collage or bring out your inner designer and make your goals into fabulous artwork to hang by your desk.

3. Crystal Ball planning trap.  You've made a plan that goes so far into the future you'll need a crystal ball to know if it's realistic!  The most common planning is for 90-day, 1 quarter especially for a service based online business. Usually, this is an ideal amount of time to plan, see the results then update your plan based on how you can improve or pivot for the next quarter. It might make sense to plan in 6-month chunks if your business is steady and you need to just make minor tweaks.  If you have products, maybe a year due to the production lead time cycle.  Once you get out past a year, all bets are off in terms of what you'll have accomplished and where you'll be.

4. Merry-go-Round planning trap.  You look at your plan way too frequently and tweak it as frequently as the merry-go-round turns!  It's rare for business goals to change in that short of a time since you need to give it enough time to see what actions are working or not. Use results, cold hard facts, to make changes to your plan or you'll spend more time planning than doing!

5. Feels Good planning trap.  There's no metrics, no numbers to target and not a measurement in sight.  You have a plan that's based on 'if it feels good' it's working.  Measure what matters to get the most out of your planning, because 'feeling good' can happen after having a slice of Blackberry pie! (you get what I mean, a lot of things make you 'feel good' and it might not tell you anything about what's working in your business!)

Measure what matters!

Now that you know about the 5 big planning traps you can work to avoid them like the plague! It's kind of like the old saying "Knowledge is Power".  Make a great plan with metrics that matter, keep it visible and let the results inform your revisions.

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