7 Brilliant Tips to Avoid Redoing Work

One of the worst nightmares when you hire out work, is to find out when you get the final materials, it’s not what you requested, in fact, it's crap.  Now you're facing redoing work yourself you already paid someone else to do.  

The worst problem!

7 brilliant communication tips to avoid re-doing your work.
Redoing work you hire out means you’re paying for your time and theirs.

Redoing work you’ve paid someone else to do is like feeling the money being sucked out of you in an uncomfortable spot, yea that one.

Not to mention the time you’ll have to spend redoing it. You didn’t even have the time to begin with, which is why you hired out, duh.

The reasons work can go horribly wrong is usually due to one of 3 things:  a miscommunication in the directions, plain lack of communication or your contractor doesn’t have the skills.  We’ll assume they have the skills and expertise. Obviously, we would have worked together and you’ll have the right partner, right.

#1 reason work isn’t done right is, communication; miscommunication and lack of it.

It seems easy, but it can be tough to get it right with everything else in your business needing attention.

7 Tips to avoid communication issues so your work is delivered like a perfect-10:

  1. A no brainer but make sure there is a detailed scope of work or outline of the project. Include any required methods, processes, or systems to be used, reference materials and current examples they are expected to review.
  2. Concise and detailed written description of the final materials expected, along with due dates you both agree on.
  3. Detail the revision criteria, including the total number of revisions included.
  4. Provide timely feedback so it can be incorporated into the final materials. Agree with your outsource partner when feedback will be needed so you can plan your time. If you provide it too late, it’ll either cost additional or you’ll get a final version that isn’t really final.
  5. Communicate early and often when you first start working together. It’ll start the relationship on the right foot and you’ll get to know how each other works and thinks.
  6. Follow-up verbal communications with any written decisions or changes you’ve requested. This provides a record to refer to should anything go wrong (pinkie swears do not work).
  7. Request interim updates and status reports. They could be as simple as a weekly 1-line email. If you're working with multiple partners, set up a standard format to populate in your project management system to see updates quickly.

It should be a rare exception rather than a rule, you end up redoing work you outsourced. Plus, there are other options besides you redoing the work to get it corrected.

Review your current process with contract team members to see if you have all 7 steps.  If not, add the missing actions to set expectations upfront and communicate frequently, to avoid making more work for yourself later.

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