8 Essentials to Identify the Virtual Team You Need

You have A LOT of work that needs to happen, but how do you identify the virtual team you need? You’ve considered hiring contractors versus hiring employees, and contracting a virtual team is the best fit for your business.  

It's an investment to build a virtual team, and your future business growth and sales depend on it.

It’ll be critical to match up your business goals for growth with your team needs, to get the right team on board and plan for success parties (you do celebrate success right?!)

In this blog post, we discuss 8 essential steps to identifying the virtual team members you need.
It’s critical to match up your business goals for growth, with your team outsourcing needs

The first step to figuring out what type and how big a team you need, is to understand your business goals and the activities necessary to support them.

8 Essential Questions to identify your virtual team needs. Go ahead and write down your answers so you can take action.

  1. How much business growth (sales) do you expect in the next 12-18 months? Double, triple or more?
  2. What activities drive your sales? List all the activities used to drive sales. This includes all the pieces of your marketing, everything from making a plan to executing the plan including social media graphics to the newsletter to content, digital ads, SEO etc.
  3. What activities are needed to support the sales once a client buys? List the activities that occur after the client hits the ‘buy’ button. What’s automated with a system, who manages the system, what needs to be done without a system etc.
  4. Besides sales, what other goals do you have for your business growth in the next 12-18 months?
  5. For each of these other goals, list the activities required to support it. If it’s speaking engagements, activities might include researching opportunities, pitching, follow-up and all the logistics to finalize the gig.
  6. If you already have a few people already on your team, list their name next to the activities for your answers to 2, 3 and 5 above and what piece of the activity is their responsibility.
  7. For the remaining activities, not covered by an existing team member, put your name next to any activities where you currently spend your time and approximately how much time per month (this is not the IRS, ballpark estimates are good enough)
  8. For each of the activities where you spend your time, indicate with YES or NO if it’s something to consider for outsourcing. A 'No' means activities you should continue to do because you’re the best one to do it and it’s your sweet spot of knowledge.

Using this list of activities will show you gaps where contractor support is needed. It’ll also highlight areas where you spend time and what to consider hiring out versus continue doing because you’re the expert. It'll help you identify the virtual team you need to grow your business.

This will give you a great starting point to assess the type of roles you need for your virtual contract team and what to prioritize when you hire out and outsource. You can match this up with your budget and the services that are available to do your work.

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