Secret Advice from a Digital Designer

You should have a website that gets you more clients, because who wouldn't want that?  Your digital design should be more than just something pretty... think pretty with a purpose.

This week, Meghan Hartman of Crafting Creative is sharing her knowledge nuggets on websites, branding, eCourses and intentional digital design.

Considering hiring a website designer for your business? Read this expert advice from a design pro.

Meghan marries digital design with purpose. Ever see the description UX designer and wonder what it means?

It really stands for User eXperience, which means client experience. Client experience means thinking like the client. Figuring out what the client wants to know, showing them value and making it so obviously easy to get, that they enjoy the entire process of connecting with you and your products or services.

It's a lovefest of the best kind. They want to send a virtual fist bump because you know them so well, oh and they want to buy from you too! 

Why be intentional with your digital design? It helps a potential client to know, like and trust you faster, so they buy.

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Meghan's design knowledge nugget:

Your website isn’t just about looks, it’s about an overall experience.
Meghan, Crafting Creative


I'm a UX (user experience) designer aka client-centered designer. I help client-based solopreneurs establish a credible online presence to bring in more clients and develop a secondary income stream through launching an online course. 

Because your website isn't just about looks, it's about an overall experience.

RESULTS business owners can expect from working with you...

A website that's working for you 24/7 to bring in more clients, consistent and professional business visuals (you're here to play in the big leagues), and a signature course design that showcases your expertise.

For kick ass success, people should have READY BEFORE HIRING OUT...

In order to get the most out of working together, you need to know three things:

1. Your why. Why are you doing this? Why do you want to serve people through your online business?

2. Your who. Who are you marketing to? Who are your people?

3. Your what. What are your service packages? What course are you dying to create? 

BEFORE THEY HIRED ME, I wish people ...

Knew that design and your visual image is sooo important to how you and your business appear online. Stop wasting time on DIYing a design or, worse, leaving the design as an afterthought. Your brand design has to be intentional. This is so vital to building a credible online business.

Design shouldn’t be an afterthought. Your brand design has to be intentional to build credibility.
Meghan, Crafting Creative

The BIGGEST MYTHS from people who want to hire out a designer, but don't... 

"I can't afford to hire a professional designer." That's simply not true.

There is a huge variation among digital designers in what they offer and what they charge. Look for the designer that offers a package with what you need, specifically, for where you are at RIGHT NOW with your business.

You don't want to waste money on getting all the things designed right now, because your business should, and will, evolve over time.

I always recommend clients start with where they are and create a design strategy for where they want to be in the foreseeable future, rather than to go all in on a huge investment that needs to be redone in 1-2 years.


Someone that is truly passionate about what they do. They are motivated to have a successful online business and ready to invest in the specific tools that they need to get them there. They are open, honest, collaborative, enjoy bouncing around ideas, and aren't hindered by a big ego.


The honest answer: I wish I could have someone cook for me. I love nourishing meals, but rarely enjoy cooking them. The business answer: social media management. I feel like I need to be active on FB groups as an entrepreneur, but I get so overwhelmed by all the groups and all the posts.

FAVORITE WAY TO TAKE A BREAK in your business...

I really love hiking, but since I'm in Miami I can't do that. So... going on a bike ride with my partner or out to a vegan cafe is perfect.

p.s. Meghan's offering a super-affordable website review right now plus a few other goodies.   Curious how your website stacks up? 

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