Secret Advice from Experts to Build Your Team

We are going to spill the secrets and bust the myths from the pros.

Advice from experts to build your team. These experts get hired to make business owners look badass.

Secret advice from the pros you need to build your virtual team.

I’m always hearing from clients and colleagues about the work they wish they could outsource to the experts but…

  • They aren’t sure who or if someone does that ‘thing’
  • How it’ll help them grow their business and get sales in the door
  • Not sure what they need to have ready to make outsourcing a success

This is usually followed by, “My business is busting out at the seams and I’m living on gummy bears and caffeine!  I need help. I’m going to be bald from too many hair-pulling moments”

So to help keep those lux locks and get back to your so-so healthy habits we are going to dive in each Friday and talk with the pros. Dishing their secret advice on what services you can outsource and why it makes you look like a badass business boss.

The pros are sharing their knowledge nuggets on:

  • What you need to have ready before you hire out to get the best success
  • Busting the business myths
  • How to be the rock star client so you get the best results.  The “squeaky wheel “ does not get the grease in this world of online business.

We’ll take a peek behind the scenes too and the experts will share the best way they take a biz breather and where the pros think about outsourcing work.

Put the advice and knowledge nuggets in action to jump-start your outsourcing and accelerate your business growth.

Some of pros (plus a bunch more!) who’ll be dishing out their secrets and knowledge include:

  • Marketing Strategist – 6 months of client bookings and automated money-making
  • Video Content Strategist- Video content that attracts your dream client & how to get comfy on camera
  • Creative consultant - Getting products to market with a website that tells a story
  • Public Relations (PR) & Marketing – Skyrocket visibility, trust and more sales
  • Productivity Coach - Get more done in less time
  • UX Designer (User designer) - Websites working for you 24/7 to bring in more clients
  • Business Coach – Reset the subconscious mind for getting ideal clients and strategies
  • Custom Brand Photographer – Instead of buying stock photos, it’s totally custom branded
  • Launch VAs – Program launches that feel easy
  • Social Media Marketer – Content planning, connecting with influencers and managing communities

Plus so many others you’ve thought about and others you haven’t.

Before you hire out work, read each professional's secret advice on how to know if you’ve got your shiz together to get the best success.

They work with so many other clients, they are bringing those gems of knowledge on what you should know before hiring.  Follow the advice to avoid spinning your wheels, plus making it a stellar success for you and for them.

The pros have heard it all. They will blow up the biggest myth about their area.

Myths like...

  • "I can't do marketing because I'm not a good writer."
  • "I can't afford to hire a designer"
  • "I sound terrible on camera"

And there’s only one way to eek out all the awesomeness of working with pros and that’s being a rock star client. Don’t be that whiny client that is so high maintenance, your pro will have to psych themselves up to do your work.

Be the client to rave about and go the extra mile for because they are super stoked about your business and you.

Tell me in the comments if you have outsourcing area you'd like to see covered or a pain point you can't find an expert for?