Secret Advice from a PR Consultant

You want PR to be a tool in your marketing toolkit. Why? Public relations boosts an organization's credibility which means it's soooo important for business.  Credibility is part of the know, like, trust equation (don't worry we aren't talking actual math) that helps your potential clients get the itchy trigger finger and want to buy!

Some marketing strategists have even said PR has become the most effective ways to build a brand.

Hiring a PR expert? Get the expert advice from one public relations pro in this post.

Good PR is the telling of a good story and we aren't talking just the 'rags to riches' ones. A good story gives you far more credibility with potential clients than just an ad (I'm looking at you FB ads).

This week, Erica Smith is sharing her knowledge nuggets on PR.  She knows how to generate authority and buzz for businesses, and we aren't just talking about social media.

She's got the goods on building a marketing plan and strategy to generate messaging and media relations. Plus, how to build authority by working with journalists and influencers building trust and recognition with your audience.

Erica's knowledge nugget:

There’s always a need to continually build your authority in your industry.
Erica Smith


I help entrepreneurs and small business owners at every stage of their journey grow their business, audience and income using PR and marketing strategies that work for them.

RESULTS business owners can expect from working with you...

How to become more visible with your target audience and how to reach building relationships that turn into sales.

For kick ass success, people should have READY BEFORE HIRING OUT...

A clear purpose, mission and vision for their business. They need to know who they are targeting and the benefits they offer.

BEFORE THEY HIRE PR, I wish people knew ...

A true PR & marketing plan doesn't just include social media. It includes building your brand, increasing your visibility and creating trust among your audience. Also, PR is not about parties or fluff. Many people skip over implementing PR into their business because they don't have the experience or knowledge with it and feel as though it's not necessary. But PR is so incredibly necessary and essential to a great marketing plan, and that's why companies spend millions of dollars to either work with a PR agency or implement strategies/plans with an in-house team.

The BIGGEST MYTHS from people who want to hire out PR, but don't... 

They already believe they are doing everything they can but there's always something new to test when it comes to marketing. There's always a need to build trust with your audience. There's always a need to continually build your authority in your industry.


A rock star client is willing to put in the work, be flexible with finding out what PR and marketing strategy works for them and understand they can't copy and paste the strategies and plans other people are using for their business. They are open to new ideas and trust my ideas, expertise and advice (because I know my stuff, after all).


I wish I could outsource shopping for clothes. I love shopping for groceries, but clothes? Not so much.

FAVORITE WAY TO TAKE A BREAK in your business...

Take a break to visit the beach or see a new destination. I've been able to do that quite a few times during my time abroad (since I started my business while working abroad).

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Erica Smith: | Twitter @MrsEricaSmith