Secret Advice from a Social Media Marketing Pro

Of course, you should be using social media marketing as part of your strategy to get visible and sell your services. You do have a strategy for your social media right?!  It's time to buckle down and figure out this headache you keep avoiding. Which is why we are bringing in the social media marketing expert to share her pro advice. Here's why you should care about social media marketing. Your target audience consumes time on social media (if your target audience isn't online, I'm not sure why we are even talking, but happy to have you stick around).

You need to be thoughtful and super strategic in reaching your target audience because time is precious.

Learn how to outsource your social media with this advice from a social media marketing pro.

There's a strategy for each social media channel. You can't just copy your Facebook feed to Twitter and expect it to work. Understanding the social media channels helps you figure out the best places to find your audience and to get the best engagement (because who wants to talk to themselves all the time).

Deirdre Fentem of Little Red Promotions is sharing her knowledge nuggets on social media marketing and management.  She's slaying the myths and giving the dirt on social media (including whether she can make your post go viral.)  

Deirdre's knowledge nugget:

“When you’re on social media and doing it WELL, it directly influences your business, your growth, and longevity.”
Deidre Fentem


Little Red Promotions offers expertly customized social media marketing, management, and coaching to ensure your clients and potential clients know who you are, what you do and why they should work with you. We also offer social media training for business owners who want to do it themselves and for those who want to be social media marketers.

RESULTS business owners can expect from working with you...

More time to focus on and DO what their business actually is. Less stress because they know their products, services, and upcoming launches are all being advertised and publicized to their clients and potential clients in the best possible way at peak engagement times. On average, customers engage with 11 pieces of content prior to making a purchase, 4 out of 5 people say posts from friends directly influence their buying decisions. When you're on social media and doing it WELL, it directly influences your business, your growth, and longevity. One of my clients who has been working with me for a year has a 98% increase in sign-ups for her annual summer camps than what she had at this time last year.

For kick ass success, people should have READY BEFORE HIRING OUT...

1. A willingness to go through the onboarding process and share your business with someone. The more you take the time to go through the onboarding process, the stronger, more intentional and engaging strategic content can be created by your social media marketer.

2. A clear understanding of your business. Being able to educate your social media marketer on who your ideal client is and what you want to be known for is KEY to being real and successful in the online world.

3. Be in the right place to make an investment. A trained social media marketer customizes your strategy, scheduling, and content and positively impacts the growth of your company.  Align your expectations with your budget.  If you can't afford a monthly service, consider something like my do-it-yourself social media training.

BEFORE THEY HIRE a social media marketer I wish people knew ...

The truths behind the myths.

The BIGGEST MYTHS from people who want to hire out social media, but don't... 

Myth #1: Successful, authentic and strategic social media can only be done by the business owner.

Truth: A good social media marketer has processes in place where they learn about you, your business, likes/dislikes, popular services, goals and voice (and a collaborative attitude!).

Myth #2: They can do it themselves and do it well because they been fed sloppy and lazy tactics for how to "do" social media. Social media is only about auto-linking all their accounts and saving time by using a scheduling tool.

Truth: Thinking about only auto-linking and scheduling means missing out on real engagement. Understanding that people don't like seeing FB posts on Twitter and peak engagement times for your page are different for each platform.

Myth #3: Social media doesn't really matter.  You're "just" posting to social media.

Truth: When a social media marketer chooses to post, how they interact with followers, what they share, the number of posts sent out each day is a thought out intentional strategy. Everything is done with a purpose.


A great attitude and appreciation of your skills.

FREQUENTLY ASKED social media questions...

"Can you make this go viral?"

Hootsuite's blog answered it best when they said "[when something goes viral] there will be a sudden spike in the number of people who read, watch, or share it, and you’ll see a nice albeit temporary boost in page views. (Yay!) Then something else will come along and inevitably push your content back down the ladder of internet irrelevancy. (Wah.) Is aiming for this ephemeral attention the best use of time and resources? Probably not, which is why your social media manager focuses on other goals—ways that social media can help achieve overall business and marketing goals."

Should I be on all the platforms?

Nope! Work on the ones that actually work for you. It can be tempting to jump on the newest craze of a platform (and hey- maybe that one actually IS where you should be) but be on the platforms which work for you in terms of client reach/audience and sustainability in terms of process. To borrow from Hootsuite's (genius) blog again because I could NOT have said it better myself: "Establishing a successful presence on a social network requires a lot of planning and strategy, along with an investment of time and resources. Choosing to direct these things towards a social network that may disappear as quickly as it emerged may not be the smartest decision for the business."


All the admin stuff! Boo to invoices, and onboarding documents and contracts (but thank you Freshbooks, google forms and HelloSign for making it all easier).

FAVORITE WAY TO TAKE A BREAK in your business...

Walks! I live in a beautiful old neighborhood with beautiful houses and lots of flowers and green. When I start getting "itchy" around 2pm, I take a walk for an hour and come back ready to crank out another productive hour or two.

Deirdre's deets to connect:

Deidre Fentem: | Twitter @littleredpromo

p.s. She also provides social media training and social media coaching too!