Secret Advice from a Video Content Strategist

Video content converts higher than any other medium and is more memorable than a blog post. Convinced you need videos yet?

What if your video content increased your audience and produced more profits? Yea, that's what I thought, bring on the video!

Why you need a video content strategist and how to hire one as an online team.

Your ideal audience gets to know, like and trust you faster with video. Think of those times when you've met someone by phone compared to meeting them in person.  You learn so much more meeting them face to face and you know whether you 'click' and if you want to keep talking to them! Use this same approach when you think of creating video content for your brand.

When people get to know you after seeing you on video, they'll feel more comfortable buying from you.  Sure it takes practice to get comfortable, but you don't need to have dreams of being on TV to create great video content.  Videos let your personality speak as much as your awesome content does.

Trena Little is sharing her knowledge nuggets on video content.  She makes creating videos so easy, you'll want to jump in and give your brand the boost it needs.

She breaks down video content creation into manageable pieces and even gives you tips for practicing getting comfortable on camera. Even the video technology and editing process is a hurdle, but you can leap it in a single bound (no cape needed)!

Trena's knowledge nugget:

If you are teaching anything in your business, people are on YouTube to learn How To do something!
Trena Little


I am a video content strategist.  I help online entrepreneurs get comfortable on camera, walk them through the process of creating videos and how to use YouTube to drive traffic back to their website

RESULTS business owners can expect from working with you...

Video content is so key in creating know, like and trust with audiences.  By working with me you will be able to create video content that attracts your dream client or skyrockets your sales.

For kick ass success, people should have READY BEFORE HIRING OUT...

A phone with recording capabilities!

BEFORE THEY HIRE a video content strategist, I wish people knew ...

Video content doesn't have to take hours upon hours.  You can create an effective video to attract clients and sales in less than a day!

The BIGGEST MYTHS from people who want to hire out video content, but don't... 

They don't like the way they look/sound on camera.  We work through this and I show ways to get over this fear.

My brand isn't worth being on YouTube.  YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world!  If you are teaching anything in your business people are on YouTube to learn How To do something!


Someone who is ready to make videos and take their brand to a new level!


Social media posts!!!

FAVORITE WAY TO TAKE A BREAK in your business...

It would be a toss-up between taking a walk with my 1-year-old daughter and husband OR drinking a glass of wine watching reality TV!

Trena's deets to connect:

Trena Little: | Twitter @trenaNlittle

p.s. She's got a sweet offer for her Brand-Boosting Video course to get started!