Checklist: Ingredients for Making Successful Goals

Ingredients for making successful goals.

Make sure you start with Part 1 of Ingredients for Making Successful Goals, to understand why bother. Then get out your favorite journal, doodle paper, bubble gum wrapper or use the printable checklist and WRITE your goals!  

This isn't a laundry list or your to-do list. A max of 3-5 goals are all that's needed to keep your focus. Decide if these goals are for the quarter, 6 months or annual.  Everyone works differently. Some thrive with quarter goals, 90 days can be the perfect amount of time to stay focused without losing momentum. Sometimes, you'll need annual ones when more time is needed.

Once you have your goals written down, check each goal with the free Ingredient Checklist for Creating Successful Goals to make sure you've included the 5 key ingredients.  

Goals are like cocktail recipes. If you have the right ingredients and directions for how to make them, you have the best shot at the getting a great cocktail AND having a fabulous celebration when you reach your goals!