Rock Star Essentials for Virtual Team Collaboration

You have a team.  They are great individually and can rock your socks off.

Rock Star Essentials for Virtual Team Collaboration

The secret sauce is, all these islands of expertise need to collaborate and work in a connected way. If not, you’ll be piecing it together afterward and spending your time pulling it together. You need the rock star essentials for virtual team collaboration success.

The secret sauce is to connect all these islands of expertise to collaborate for success.

Think 5 musicians on different instruments. All are playing the same song in different locations, with the goal of sounding like a band recording their first hit.

Sounds impossible right?!

This is the same as the website designer and coder, who need to connect with the graphic designer and the copywriter to deliver a WOW! website.  Or the newsletter designer that needs to connect with the list manager and copywriter, to write, produce and deliver to the correct group of insanely interested people.

Not so easy.

You'll need to first decide how you'll manage your virtual team.

For team collaboration success, you’ll need to decide which of these 3 options you'll use to manage all the different roles on your team.

Single agency or business management company: Contract multiple roles to an agency or business management company, depending on the team you need. These companies typically provide an account or business manager as the point person you’ll connect with to run your team.

Hire out the Team manager: Contract an independent team/project manager. Essentially you’d be hiring out the point person role.

You are the point person: Yes, this is always an option, but give it a lot of thought first.  This is a great approach if you need to be super tight with launching a new strategy and you’ll be able to answer questions immediately as they come up. It's not so great as a forever model if you're trying to free up your time to grow your revenue.

When you're ready to plan your virtual team strategy let's talk. We'll get the best fit for you with a tailored solution

Collaborate like a rock star literally. Channel your inner mix masters of Rihanna, Paul McCartney, and Kanye West (an unlikely trio) in their jam FourFiveSeconds.

Essentials to collaborate with your multiple contract partners successfully by creating a process / approach that will:

  • System to collect and share each partner’s progress and inspirations to develop the best final result (e.g. Slack, Asana, Email)
  • Consider a weekly meeting with all partners or selected ones, to discuss collaborative elements
  • Show due dates for individual pieces and the final results, including any lead time each partner needs.
  • Individual partner management plan to check in on their timelines, answer questions and give feedback
  • Provide the same reference documents with basics about your business, recent examples and the project details to all partners
  • Location and access for partners to share content as it’s developed that others may need to use, and to collect the final materials

It’s not often easy as pie to collaborate successfully.  Put in the work before you hire out.

What system or process do you already have or can you set-up for rock star team collaboration success? Go ahead and write it down using the 6 Essentials and highlighting any gaps you need to cover.

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