How to get BIG Work Done

Always late on client projects? End up in fire drill mode a lot? I know, you're saving up your energy for the afternoon when you really want to dig into that big work. Then comes the afternoon...must get coffee, must get a snack then I'll sit down and get crackin'...right after I check in to see if anyone's commented on my stuff and oh yeah, I've been meaning to shop for a printer too...

AND now it's dark outside, you have ZERO energy and you're thinking you'll just work on the BIG project tomorrow or you'll just pull an all-nighter.

Who pulls all-nighters by choice anyway! I much prefer extra sleep time or extra lounge time.

I get it. It's hard to start something that feels big and requires focus because I spent years doing it. Then it becomes a rush, a fire drill and you get it done of course at midnight...ugggh!

Alright, it's time to talk productivity and how to get big work done by outsourcing to your team.

What's the better way?

I'm a huge fan of focusing on BIG work first thing in my morning, but ONLY for about 90 minutes. That's really the peak amount of time your brain can focus before it rings the break bell.

How do you do it?

Let's not be crazy and tell ourselves you won't open email because you at least need to know if there's a fire brewing especially if you work with clients.  If you can hold off on opening email DO IT!

But, make a discipline to check then to close unless it's a 'real' urgency.  You know what I mean by 'real' urgency if you really want to change your focus.

DO NOT check social media! There is absolutely nothing that can't wait for 90 minutes.

So, now your email is closed, you did close it right? You haven't wandered off into the internet abyss and you're ready to get to work.

Next, a small piece of paper, post-it size or 3x5 card will do.

Write no more than 3 activities you want to tackle and draw a line underneath. The line in the sand, you can't move on until the activities above are FINISHED!

These should be 3 activities that require your focus, your brains. Break down a large project, eat the elephant one bite at a time, eat the frog, or the 'big hairy work'.

(p.s. I love elephants and kind of think frogs are interesting. There is no animal cruelty intended!)

Call it your Einstein work! 

Do not answer the phone, close your door.  Turn off your phone and do not get distracted by the notifications.

Now, dig into your Einstein work!

Let's see your Einstein work list for the day over on Instagram and I'll show you mine.

We'll all give you a virtual high-five when you call done on your list for the day!