Why Hiring Abroad Makes Your Business Better

You’re the boss. Your business can work anywhere.

Right now, you’re sitting at your favorite outdoor cafe with a delicious thick coffee concoction you’re still not sure what’s in it. Who cares!

You’re in total bliss working from your worldly location sucking up another culture and living so cheaply they’ll have to kick you out.

It’s totally the life you’ve dreamed of and at this rate you can keep it up a lot longer than you thought. Your dollars are stretching so far, you might even buy something fancy, like a local version of yoga pants (really you can never have too many).

Your clients adore you because no matter where you are, you deliver and connect when you need to (the time zone app is your BFF).

It doesn’t matter to your clients where the laptop is plugged in. They just want the work done.

Getting high-quality work, on time for the right price is what matters. When bosses decide it’s time to hire out work, too often I hear skid marks when there's talk about looking outside the country.


There are people, just like you, in another country doing a job, getting the work done and delivering like a rock star!  No one thinks your quality is less just because you're hammering out work in your Ninja jammies with bunny slippers (just me?!).

What you're really saying when you think it’s unfair hiring abroad; it’s ok to live in an inexpensive country with a low-cost of living, but not ok to hire someone in a country with a low-cost of living.

What gives with the double standard?!

Why Hiring Abroad Makes Your Business Better

The real boss question you should be thinking about is, when does it make good business sense hiring abroad.

3 Reasons It Makes Good Business Sense:

It makes sense when you can find unique or the same expertise.

It makes sense when you need more hours to do the work and have fewer days to do it. If you have someone working on the west coast of North America and you have someone working in Eastern Europe, India, Russia or Australia you can cover nearly 24 hours of the day to do work. Bonus, no one actually has to stay up 24 hours to do the work!

It makes sense when cost is a decision factor. If you can find someone with the same expertise, delivering the same quality, with the timing you need, hire them regardless where they physically plug-in.

Concerned about intellectual property, confidentiality or stealing client work?

You should have these same concerns in your own country too.  You should be as diligent in finding the right partner to hire in your country as you do outside it. If we’re talking complicated products instead of services (think technology, medicine, machines) that’s an entirely different discussion about which countries should be at the top and bottom of your list for hiring out work.

It can be a big benefit to look at comparable skill sets outside your country. Eastern Europe is known for its design and web expertise, Costa Rica too. The Philippines has call center expertise and is comparable for Western medical knowledge because they have a similar medical system. India is still known for call centers, technology, and tactical design.  Need a reason for Caribbean travel?  Barbados is known for its call centers and supports large and small companies.

Hiring outside the country can give you additional hours, expertise or cost advantages

dvantages for your business are worth checking out. Be the badass boss you are and expand your options for outsourcing work and hiring abroad.  Ask a few additional questions to cover the bases.

7 Important Questions to Ask when you’re hiring abroad

Hiring work outside the country means you’ll need to understand differences in cultural working style or infrastructure.

  1. What are the local holidays and normal working hours?
  2. How will you plan to meet deadlines that fall during holidays or can’t be done during normal working hours?
  3. How will my confidential content be protected and how do they make sure computers are secure?
  4. What is the plan to cover vacation and illnesses?
  5. If you’re hiring a team of people, how frequently do team members leave the company and how long it takes to hire a replacement?
  6. Most importantly you’ll want to talk to you whoever would actually perform the work or your point of contact in the country, to check for chemistry, ease of understanding and knowledge.
  7. Depending on the country and your needs, ask about capabilities and experience with the written and spoken language you’ll need.

You should be asking these questions (likely not the last one about language experience of course in your own country) of all your potential outsourcing contractors to avoid any surprises. If you're still not sure how to tackle and expand your hiring abroad to build your team beyond your country, that's where I can help.

It's worth it to throw your net a little wider and consider hiring abroad. The advantages mean your business makes more revenue because your costs are less or the work is done faster.

Don’t be a hypocrite thinking it's ok to live in a low-cost country running your business, but thinking anyone else in a low-cost country couldn’t possibly be worth hiring and producing quality work.