How to Conquer Your Business Expansion with a Virtual Team

You’ve hired out work a few times. It was hit and miss.

Miss, like the time you received your logo and it looked like nothing that matched your brand. In fact, you’re pretty sure you saw something similar somewhere else. So you’ll never use it! Definitely not your best hire.

Hit, like the Virtual Assistant you can’t stop raving about because they’re picking up so many little tasks and making your life easier (does your Virtual Assistant have a twin you wonder?!).

But what next? Where do you go from here? You can do a self-assessment of what types of activities you should be hiring out.

What about all those launches you have planned and the designs you need for each of your launches and all your social media.  Don’t even get started about all the work for your social media content. You keep hoping social media content will get easier and you'll get ahead of it, but it never happens.

Business has really started to take off, you have a year or two under your belt. Your todo list is ginormous and coffee is not helping a.. n.. y.. m.. o.. r.. e.  You need to Conquer your business expansion and you need a team stat!

Your next step is to expand to a new market with a new audience. Moving from selling only to consumers to now selling to business owners too.  Thoughts keep swirling in your brain about what type of virtual team you need to hire to get it off the ground a lot quicker than you doing it all. You have the money, but not the time.

So many other things need your time.

Dreaming up the next service or product, working with clients, getting visible and booking speaking gigs and interviews, oh yea, plus the content writing is all you.

How to Conquer Your Business Expansion with a Virtual Team

Dreaming of business bliss keeps your bleary tired eyes seeing (no it’s not sugar plums and fairies, although some days that’d be nice too)…

  • Your virtual team of contractors delivering like a well-oiled machine with people you want to work with

  • Collaborating on joint ventures, getting interviews and events where you get to meet other amazing bosses and potential clients

  • More money coming in and business feeling easier

  • A personal life. Time for wine, friends, and an afternoon movie

Oh and you really don’t have time for another DIY course, you just need to start getting it done now. You don’t need someone to do it for you because you like to be hands on with interviewing your team and getting what you need.

You do need someone to help see your business from an outside perspective.  Loan you the brains and strategy to craft a virtual team outsourcing plan of who and when to hire, what responsibilities and best return.  Keeping you focused on hiring the right contractor team first and a solid process to get what you need is priority number one.

Yes, you’ll have to do some work, but by the end, you'll have an outsourcing plan with a virtual team of contractors giving you the goods and it's tailored just for you.

Let's connect about Conquering Expansion in your business with a team so you can rule your world (or at least your niche).