How to Create a STOP Doing List

Instead of making your 9 millionth To Do list today, make a STOP doing list. Yes, you heard right. Make a list of things you are going to STOP doing right now!

Why? If you stop doing some things, you'll make room for opportunities!

It's a quicker way to make changes in life and your business than only adding more things to focus on. Like those resolutions you made of all the things you were going to start doing and two weeks later, they were just a memory. With a STOP doing list, you'll also reduce your stress.

You've heard of to-do lists? This is about the anti-to-do list, the stop-doing list. Get your productivity back on track.

It gives you permission to stop doing those things sucking your time, your energy and sometimes your soul.

Make room for doing the amazing things you wish you had time to do. Things you'd rather do like getting outdoors, catching a movie at the theater, reading and getting together with friends you actually like.

Make room for growing your business with pitches to the event and podcasts you've been dying to do. Time for developing that swoon-worthy online course you've been tossing around in your mind forever.  The opportunities that will drive your business to the next level.

It's easier than you think with this template you can jot them down, keep it around for the week and add to it.

What types of things end up on a STOP Doing list?

  • Saying yes to requests for your business time... just to be nice
  • Accepting invites for people you don't really know or like (like the ex-colleague who invited you only because they invited a mutual friend)
  • Signing up to volunteer when you know it's your busy time
  • Responding to every email asking for your advice (hello auto-responder)
  • Doing work on a vacation when you've committed to unplugging
  • Taking phone calls when you are doing deep Einstein work
  • Having a spotless home
  • Baking from scratch for every food event (speed dial your favorite pastry shop, takeout or market menu)
  • Getting upset about broken things (life is about memories, not things)
  • Saving things for special occasions (enjoy making an ordinary day special)
  • Insisting on perfection no matter the task
  • Doing it alone (asking for help is really OK)
  • Overanalyzing (remember the shortest distance is between 2 points, so take the easy way)

To be fair, not all of the activities on your STOP doing list will be easy to stop. Guaranteed, if you're a perfectionist and you stop insisting on perfection for every task instead of just the things that require it. You'll need to start building new habits and practicing the change for some things. For others, it'll be a sign of relief when you don't have to put it on your To Do list anymore.

Create your STOP Doing list and then share in the comments one thing you're going to STOP doing today!