How to Make Goals Stick

How to make goals that stick.

Now that you have all the ingredients for a goal, it's time to think and plan how you'll achieve them.  It's all about how to make goals stick, which kind of like the 'mixing' instructions if it were a cocktail recipe. Sure you can just look at your goals and hope it all works out, or you can actually do a few things that will help you have the best chance of success. So why wouldn't you give your goals the turbo boost to make them stick?

Goals don't just happen by magic.  7 steps you can take to make your goals stick. Do them all or at least a couple and you'll improve your success rate. If you're the creative type, add some flair to these steps. Bust out the washi tape and sharpies or Photoshop.  If you're not, the basic style will get the job done too!

WRITE IT & KEEP IT VISIBLE- Obvious I know, but a lot of people don't and then wonder why they weren't successful achieving their goals. Just do it. Put it on Post-Its around your desk, a Screensaver, Index cards you review every morning or whatever helps you write it and keep it visible.  If it helps to write them on your mirror then put those dry erase markers to work pronto!

ACTION PLAN - For every goal, jot down all the steps you'll need to do to achieve it. The steps that take 5 minutes or 5 hours. In fact, add the approximate time it will take for each step which will help with allocating your time. This is your road map of how you'll get to your goal. I love using post-its to brainstorm the steps, then put them in order. Look for things you can do in parallel? Now, put approximate dates on each step. Yes, commit to a time when you'll start each task, complete it or both.

CLEAR CLUTTER - You won't have time to focus on your goals if you can't clear the clutter. Figure out what isn't essential to your business or lifestyle. What can you say 'No' to? What 'should do's' can you stop doing to make time for working on your goals? Goals, just like that language you always wanted to learn, won't magically happen, you need to spend time working on them every day.

ALLOCATE TIME - This means you set aside time in your day to work on your goals. This should be at least 90 -120 minutes. It doesn't mean you work for 90 minutes on 1 goal when the actions steps you planned really only take 30 minutes.  It does mean you dedicate a chunk of time to work on your goals and not the left over time after everything else is done.

REVIEW and REMINDERS - Review your goals and action plan each day. This helps keep your goals and next steps fresh in your mind. You might even find that you tweak your action steps as you go.  Do you need to set up any reminders for the action steps you listed? Put them in your work flow took or your calendar just like an appointment. Let technology help you stay on track and keep you focused on the 'next' step.  This is a great piece to add to your morning routine. You do have a routine, right?

ACCOUNTABILITY - Feel like you work best when you know someone is checking in on your progress? Get an accountability partner for scheduled progress updates. Don't let each other off the hook. Share your goals, action steps and progress. Your accountability partner doesn't need to have the same type of business, but it works best if you both have a business of your own.

ACTION NOW - Take one action in the next 24 hours after making your goal to get moving. How about setting up those calendar reminders or sending out a message to a potential accountability partner. Once you're moving on your goals, it's easier to keep moving so get started this minute!

What's the top 2 actions you're going to take to make your goals STICK? Share them in the comments or drop me a note on Twitter.