Makeover Your To Do List with a TA DONE list

How to get more things from your To-Do list checked off.

If you continue to make to do lists and barely checked anything off, it's time for a TA DONE list! What's a TA DONE list?

Think TA DA you got stuff done! Those are the things you right down every day on your TA DONE list.

Why spend time on a TA DONE list? Your To Do list, well it might be wrong.  Or maybe how you tackle your To Do's in a week might be off.  It could be your mindset too and all you focus on is the easy stuff because the rest is sooo hard. If you avoid your Einstein work, aka the big work, the tough stuff, that's a problem, but a different one.  Your TA DONE will tell you that too!

How to create a TA DONE list? It's as simple as creating a To Do List.

You simply write down what you accomplish as you go through your day.  The personal and the business stuff. It doesn't matter if it was on your To Do list or not, it's what you ACTUALLY did.

Take a look at your TA DONE list and you'll realize you are doing more in your day, than what the missing check marks say on your To Do list.

A TA DONE list will help explain why you didn’t get to those important things on your To Do list. Maybe those To Do list activities weren't really as important as you thought.  Don't automatically get depressed thinking you just haven't tackled it, get excited that you might not need to!

If you see this pattern after a week, consider eliminating the activity.  This doesn't mean you can eliminate those things like invoices and paying your bills, sorry, it just means you need to suck it up and do it.

A TA DONE list shows you what you are spending your time on.  Do you need to makeover your To Do list or figure out a better schedule when you are more likely to get things done? If you start to see a pattern that you are getting a few personal items done, exercise, errands, a few treats, no worries!  Now you know that your weeks SHOULD include a few personal items on your To Do list instead of thinking it's only business!

A TA DONE list will help you determine if you should be getting distracted with the things NOT on your To Do list. Or, it could tell you, you're just focusing on the easy stuff.  If that's the pattern, tackle a bite size piece of your big work and reward yourself with an easy To Do.

Try creating a TA DONE list for a week, and you'll have some great data to overhaul your To Do list, your schedule, and your focus!

Get your To Do and TA DONE list template and try it out for a week.