Do You Have a Plan to Grow Your Business On Paper?

First, Let me get this out in the open, I'm not talking about a business plan! Business plans are great and they have their purpose, but I think you can make a plan and keep it easy.  It doesn't have to be a 50-page book! It can be as simple as an outline. Yes, I know we all have a plan to grow our business and it's in that steel trap we call our brain.

Growth-hacking for your online business: here's why you need to write down your plan of action.

Yes, I know too, that every day we tell ourselves we'll write it down. So we make a start and write our to-do list of THE DAY.  Good for you, it's a start!  Bad news, today's to-do list is NOT A PLAN to grow your business.

I know, your thinking you're a digital person and you'll just jot it down in your app.  Apps are good, but paper is better.

BUT WHY you ask, everything is moving to digital and paper is so 1999!

Sorry to say, there are times when you should bust out the pen and paper and research backs it up! Basically, when you write, your brain already starts to analyze, summarize and put together pieces of information.  When you type, generally your brain is multi-tasking already listening and typing and it doesn't have room for 'processing' - making those connections with the info.

Typing is mindLESS and writing is MINDful.

Writing actually makes you remember the content better so you remember your plan better! Why spend all that mental power each and every day trying to remember the steps of your plan, what you have to do, what your goals are and what you've checked off? It's EXHAUSTING!

Oh, and it's also MORE STRESSFUL when you have to continually check your brain to make sure you're remembering it all.

Let's be efficient and effective and START using that mental power.

SPEND TIME DOING WHAT WILL GROW YOUR BUSINESS, instead of wasting time remembering what to do first!

Just think of all the brain cells you'll free up to be creative and inspired for thinking of your NEXT business big idea!