Secret Advice from a Project Coach

How many times have you looked at your to-do list with a gazillion projects and decided it'd be better to just nap?

Me too.

Project Coaches are who you look for if you want to hire out help instead of napping. They help you dominate your projects, execute a business strategy and get things done, so you can do more good in the world.

Overwhelmed not knowing what project to start first or even what steps to do, makes it tough to figure out how you're going to succeed. You want to conquer the world or maybe just your corner of it with your business AND have a life.

No, you're not asking too much, it's why you're working on your own business.

When and why you need to hire a project coach.

Get a Project Coach in your corner helping you think through a strategy for your business and keeping you on track. Instead of you sifting through millions of 'how to' videos and articles, your Project Coach could just tell you what you need to do.

All those little things in your project would actually matter to a Project Coach and they'd help you work smarter not more hours.

Sarah Hawkins of True North Business Management is sharing her knowledge nuggets on getting things done to grow your business. She’s slaying the myths and giving the dirt on what she does to help entrepreneurs develop sustainable processes that allow you to do meaningful work.

Sarah’s knowledge nugget:

“A Project Coach is a right hand to guide you and a left-brain to sweat the small stuff.”
Sarah Hawkins


I work with smart, busy and creative people who need help putting together a workable game plan for their projects so they can (finally) get things done. Together, we identify the steps they need to take, and I help them stay on track with doing the right work, at the right time, through ongoing accountability coaching and resource recommendations.

RESULTS business owners can expect from working with you…

My clients come to me with a pile of projects they want to work on (or are in the middle of). They are generally pretty overwhelmed with what steps they need to take in order to move along the continuum from idea to done. Most of the time they don't know what they don't know - they do know, however, that there's got to be a better way - which is why they seek me out. I bring clarity, direction and focus to their projects, which has resulted in expanded programs, improved communications, and better use of resources.

For kick ass success, people should have READY BEFORE HIRING OUT… Flexibility and a sense of humor. No matter how well we plan, things are bound to go awry. Being able to roll with change is key.

BEFORE THEY HIRE a Project Coach I wish people  …

Asked themselves if the project they're putting on their plate is something they really should be working on right now. So often people add things, to the list of things to do, without first turning inward to question the necessity of the work.

The BIGGEST MYTHS from people who want to help, but don’t… 

People think I'm a project manager, but when you hire me, you're actually getting more than that. I move beyond project management and into personal development and productivity. The crux of what I do is help you to develop sustainable processes that allow you to do meaningful work.


Anyone who's willing to roll up their sleeves and get to work!


Housework, hands down.

FAVORITE WAY TO TAKE A BREAK in your business…

It's awesome to connect with my business BFFs on Zoom to swap trade secrets (and horror stories)

Sarah’s deets to connect:

Sarah Hawkins: | Twitter @SarahMartinHawk

p.s. Sarah just finished a great mindful habit blog tour (FREE) you can catch up on here.