Quitting is Not a Dirty Word

Quitting isn't a dirty word.

Everyone tells you not to quit, to stick with it and tough it out. I believe you shouldn't quit just because it gets hard. I also believe quitting is not a dirty word! There are times when you SHOULD QUIT things that aren't working.

Quitting helps make room in your business for new experiments and opportunities. It makes room in your life to do things you enjoy and to take time for yourself.

Things you should QUIT when it's not working:

BOOKS I don't care how popular or how many friends are reading the book, we all have different tastes. If a book doesn't catch you in a couple chapters, it's time for quitting!  It's better to make room for reading books that make you want to read more, not ones that bore you only so you can just check it off a list.

I keep a book list so I don't have to remember all the great suggestions.  I do put a note next to ones I quit to remind me why I did. The last books I quit were Dog Walker, too weird to wrap my mind around and Business Adventures, as dry as a history book you're forced to read in school!

SOCIAL MEDIA Quitting a social media platform that isn't connecting with your target customers. If you aren't getting any traction, don't waste another minute. Why devote your precious time to creating content, hoping someone shows up, when you have other social media platforms where they do? Focus on what's working and double down!

If you're not certain you've been setting up your social media content for success, check out the tips from social media maven Little Red Promotions. She's sharing great tips that get right to the point.

BUSINESS, COURSES & PACKAGES If you've created a business, course, or package and no one is buying, then quit selling. Don't quit your offers if all you've done is post them on your site and hope people find you.  I'm talking about after you've launched, diligently gotten the word out and still crickets.

Quit beating your head on the proverbial wall. Walk away from it, then do a deep dive and brainstorm what might have gone wrong; bad time of year, price point off, didn't solve the right problem?  Test topics with your potential customers and clients to see if there are pieces you can re-purpose and go back to the drawing board.

I've quit a landscape design business when it became obvious key aspects were missing. I wouldn't be able to work with my best dependable contractors and it wasn't something I could do well working from anywhere.

RESPONDING IMMEDIATELY Quit responding to every email as if it's urgent when it hits your inbox. Very few are urgent, likely 98% aren't. Quit being chained to your social media notifications. Just because someone leaves a comment for you, doesn't mean you need to drop everything to respond. Likely the person who just left it has moved on to other things as well.  Planning time to respond to your inbox and social media comments helps you focus on the big things that matter and avoids wasting time...a little over 20 minutes every time you switch tasks!

SOCIAL INVITES You love your friends and your family. You always want to be the 'helper' for your favorite organizations, but start helping yourself and quit accepting every invite that comes your way. Know what recharges your batteries.

If being around people does it, jump on those invites and if needed give yourself a 'turning into a pumpkin" time when you'll head out.  If a little downtime by yourself or with family is much-needed, ditch the invite and be friends with your couch, grab a blanket and watch a favorite movie, read a magazine - DO IT!

Help your organizations when you can, but do the things that fit with your time. There's nothing worse than helping with a grudge, because who needs more grudges!

FRIENDS Yes, quitting the friends that suck your energy, that never show up for you, but demand you be there for them is a good thing. Are they really a friend? Make space in your life for new friends that support you, as much as you do them. Not everyone is going to be your friend, so why don't you be more selective in your friendships. Consider it a gift to your former friend so can both find someone else that clicks with you.

What have you been quitting to make time for other things in your business or your life?