When You Should Outsource before Making a Profit

On the boss road, one of the first questions you start to consider is, when you should outsource before a making a profit.

You’ve heard the advice to “run your business on a shoestring budget” and “don’t spend before you start bringing in money”.  But, in order to grow, you know you’ll need to hire out some of the work. There is simply only 24 hours in a day and you’re doing e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g (which means sleep is a luxury right now).   

The toughest challenge is knowing those critical times when you should outsource before making a profit. If you don’t, you’ll likely be having this same wait and see discussion the next year as you wait for profit.

Why? If you keep holding off on outsourcing, it can actually hold your business back from making profit.  

When you Should Outsource before making a profit


There are 3 big signs when you should outsource and invest in hiring out the work instead of waiting for profit to kick in. Simply put, you might need to outsource to make profit.

3 big signs you should outsource and invest in hiring out the work instead of waiting for profit to kick in. (Tweet this)

Big Sign #1 Roadblocks

If you are facing a big roadblock in  your business that’s holding you back from launching, from gaining clients or from implementing something, outsource it.  Usually this looks like business owners who need a website or a membership site and it’s too daunting to DIY so they end up in permanent holding pattern. If this is a key part to your business then just hire it out and get it done. Same thing for any other tech issue like setting up a systems for opt-ins, email marketing platforms or finances.  

If this is a key part to your business then just hire it out and get it done.

If outsourcing makes you all nervous like a rabbit, at least stop spending weeks or months doing internet research on how to’s. Take the quickest path and buy an eCourse so it’s only partially DIY. At least you’ll get the benefit of an expert who’s picked out the most relevant pieces for you to learn to get it done quicker. If you struggle with staying self motivated to finish an eCourse, try out one with accountability built in.  (p.s. not an affiliate)

Big Sign #2 Ideal Client Match

If your business caters to high end clients, you better be making the entire engagement experience look and feel high. Everything from the first impression online, website, photos, graphics to your emails, onboarding and offboarding materials should be dialed in. If all these pieces aren’t your area of expertise, it’ll do your top line good (aka the money train) to outsource and bring a top notch look and feel.  Remember, high end clients pay for a high end experience, because they want to feel they are getting the good stuff.

Big Sign #3 Exhaustion

If your To-Do list looks like the 3-inch thick old phone book and you’re not making much headway, do your sanity a favor and outsource some of the work.  If your to do list is holding you back because you don’t have time to grow the business while you’re working “in” the business, it’s time to focus on clearing stuff off your To-Do list.  

It’s usually things like reviewing and responding to email, newsletters, social media, research, graphics, editing plus a couple dozen other things you need to keep your business moving forward, help make your business feel a little easier.  You should outsource before making a profit on things that make you burn the midnight oil more nights than you remember.  If you don’t, your body may take health into it’s own hands and makes choices for you.

Don’t let working ‘in’ the business hold you back from growing the business.


It’s ok to ask for help

It’s ok to ask for help and there are big signs when you should outsource before making a profit. No one said going it alone always makes sense. Its true, sometimes you have to invest to make money. Think of it like you would all other big challenges. Say you were to climb Mt. Everest. Would you plan to hike to the summit of Mt. Everest with your old school backpack, tennis shoes and your 10 year old ski jacket? I think not. You’d want the right gear to give you the best chance of success so that you can focus on what you need to build, climbing strength and grit.

Yes, building a business means you need strength and grit. Don’t waste all your time and energy on things that can be done by experts, who already know the best way to do it.

What have you decided to outsource? Tell me in the comments I'd love to hear it and you might inspire someone else to hire it out too. If you can't figure out where to find a VA and that's what you really, really needs, I got ya covered.