It’s day 4 without a shower and you’re seriously considering doing away with cups and going straight to an espresso IV drip.

You’re not a newbie anymore and you need your business to reflect it. You need a virtual team that’s BIGGER than you.

Recently, business has been…

  • An endless string of nearly all-nighters managing every launch detail
  • Brain fry writing not so magical copy for EVERYTHING
  • Long frustrating hours, dealing with tech issues of every kind
  • Too many hours editing videos and podcasts you’d like to kick it all to the curb
  • So many systems and to-do lists, but they aren’t making business simpler

It’s time for Dream Team, a custom done-for-you talent hiring service to grow your team so you reach your revenue.

Starts at $597 for one role


What Life is Like After:

  • A team of contractors delivering like a well-oiled machine
  • Full schedule of guest speaking and interview gigs
  • More money coming in and business feels easier
  • A personal life. Time for wine, friends and Netflix marathons

What Happens Next:

  • When you click the orange button, you’ll asked a few questions so we can chat first
  • After we chat and decide we can do brilliant things for your Dream Team, you’ll receive a Paypal link
  • Once paid, you'll receive an email with a calendar to schedule your first call and the client agreement
  • You’ll receive a Welcome email with a business needs questionnaire and what to expect before the first call

What's Included:

What's Included Product Mockup

Starts at $597 for one role

  • 1:1 calls
  • Team Strategy Assessment
  • Talent Search
  • Data focused Evaluation and Selection
  • Talent Cost Comparision
  • Multi-step evaluation process using written responses, video and phone

Tess knows her shit and will totally help you get your team and operations stuff together. I’ll be able to continue growing my team with way more success now. This was powerful!

Jamie Jensen, testimonial
Jamie Jensen
Your Hot Copy

It kind’a feels like someone just began clearing the underbrush from the forest, so now I see the trees.

Deb Cooperman, client
Deb Cooperman

Tess was amazing! She helped me step back and plan for 3x as much growth and connect it to my contractors' roles. My job as a business owner just got 10x easier.

Halley Gray, testimonial
Halley Gray
Evolve and Succeed

Who Am I?

Helping you hire out work to get the expertise when you need it, at the right price to grow your business. Spending over a decade focused exclusively on using contracted virtual teams across the globe. Working for companies who spend hundreds of millions hiring out work, it’s time to share the secrets.

I’m a passionate entrepreneur at the core, growing up in an entrepreneurial family with several businesses of my own. A strategy to build a virtual team means you become more business savvy, with time to focus on your expertise, work with talented individuals and get exactly what your business needs to grow.


This is For You, If:

  • You’re a business owner who realizes there’s not enough hours in the day to do it all yourself
  • You realize your time could be better spent doing the work only you can do that makes your business unique 
  • You're ready to invest in your business and expand your team
  • You have a budget to hire 
  • You've decided hiring contractors will meet your business needs (sorry, I don't provide talent services for hiring employees)