It kind’a feels like someone just began clearing the underbrush from the forest, so now I see the trees.

Deb Cooperman, client
Deb Cooperman

Tess knows her shit and will totally help you get your team and operations stuff together. I’ll be able to continue growing my team with way more success now. This was powerful!

Jamie Jensen, testimonial
Jamie Jensen
Your Hot Copy

Simply put, if you have questions about what you are doing and how to grow then you need this!

Deidre Fentem, client
Deirdre W. Fentem
Little Red Promotions

Matching your business needs with the right contractor expertise so you can streamline your business and build the right virtual team.

I give actionable guidance, practical advice and tailored 1- on-1 time so you know how build the right virtual team as your business blows up in a very good way!