Not confident all the ‘must do’ activities will happen with your team?

Too many things falling through the cracks?

Is it always a fire drill letting your team know what to do next?

Frustrated picking up the slack from your team and DOING their work, because it's not right or not done on time?

Using PERFORMANCE METRICS with your team is one of the best ways to Raise Your Revenue

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    OVER THE 5 days You’ll get:

    • Clarity on what performance metrics are and why they’re important

    • 5 Steps you can take to make performance metrics successful in your business

    • Bite size actions to start building your own team metrics

    • 3 big mistakes to avoid

      Plus the weekly-ish newsletter with all the news for team leaders including Free workbooks & resource guides


    Raise Your Revenue 5-day series

    📧 Email + 📺Video

    Bite Size Daily ⏰ Actions

    🙋An Opportunity to Ask Questions if You're Stuck