Time to FIND, ONBOARD and optimize your TEAM's PERFORMANCE?

Here's the obvious signs your team leadership approach could use a kick in the pants:

  • Hiring team members has been on the back burner because it feels overwhelming, draining or BOTH!

  • You don't have an onboarding plan for what to do after you actually hire someone for your team

  • You spend more time in your project management system managing your team than doing YOUR WORK

  • It's always a fire drill letting your team know what's next to do

Nodding your head these might be true?  You're probably also ...

  • Seeing those revenue goals slip away each month because something falls through; lost invoices, late answers to client questions, website and emails that never seem to work ALL the time, outdated webinar materials

  • Frustrated picking up the slack from your team and DOING their work because it's not right or not done on time

  • Searching for slice of time to spend on being creative or strategic because it's all about operations - ugggh!

  • Overwhelmed with 'all the things' to onboard new team members to get them up to speed and start delivering


So go ahead, visualize a tower of moola in front of you.  You walk away saying 'um, no thanks' I'm just too busy, you can keep it. I'd rather work longer and harder for every buck.

Who does that! 

You're preventing your own business growth by not being the team leader you could be with a hiring and onboarding plan. Plans you can reuse and repurpose plus, you can even automate parts of it.  When you know how to dial up your team's performance, you're going to start plugging revenue leaks and reaching those revenue goals easier.

Whether you've been in business for 6 months to 10 years, we can work together from your first hire to a fully existing team.  Here's where I know you need help to build and optimize your brilliant team.


  • Building a rockstar role description that makes team members want to work with you

  • How to create an interview plan that gets you real answers and the right team chemistry

  • Where to look for your best team members

  • The estimated pay range and when to pay more or less

  • p.s. yes I do offer done-for-you hiring, but I'd love for you to learn how to do it for your business since you'll be hiring more than once

By working with me, we'll do a deep dive into what you need to get off your plate and what you have coming up in the future.  We'll dig into the best fitting skills and personality for your team to build out a tailored role description that connects the dots on expertise, price and chemistry

I'll help you create specific interview questions and provide optimal approach to weed out quickly the candidates that don't fit. Getting beyond yes or no answers and testings for common challenges, like managing work quality, timeliness and competitors.   

We'll work together on best sources for finding your team.  I'll share benchmarks on what to pay and what to consider if you pay more or less. 


  • Create an onboarding plan that gets your new hires up to speed fast

  • Feedback on an existing onboarding plan plus best practices

  • Onboarding existing team members into performance metrics to make it feel like a win-win

I'll help build a tailored onboarding plan to get your new team members up and running on YOUR business. An onboarding plan that will align with your revenue goals so your team has clarity from day 1.  The quicker a new team member understands your specific business tools, systems, process and people, the sooner they can deliver their best work.

Already have an onboarding plan? Or it's just a a collection of post-it notes?  I'll take the old plan or those notes, add best practices and identify gaps to create a robust onboarding plan that you can reuse.  An onboarding plan that supports your revenue and you can  and how to include performance metrics as part of your onboarding. 


  • Evaluate team responsibilities and work flow to optimize best work for best role for best price

  • Create custom measures of success for each team role that align to your business goals

  • Scripts for talking with your team about performance metrics and how it'll make their job better

  • Implementation plan for rolling out performance metrics to new and existing team members

I'll peel back the layers of each role and key areas that drive your revenue.  Identify any activities to move to a different role so you get the most from what you pay, and increase your team efficiency to grow your business. 

We'll create custom measures of success for each role and discuss options for performance consequences, plus when to use them.  I'll can provide an implementation plan to put your team performance metrics into action.  It includes what to consider, how to successfully discuss with new and existing team members, how to test it and negotiate changes. 

You'll also get draft language to include in your contract to make sure performance metrics have the authority they need. 


Tess knows her shit and will totally help you get your team and operations stuff together. I’ll be able to continue growing my team with way more success now. This was powerful!

Jamie Jensen, testimonial
Jamie Jensen
The Jamie Jensen

Tess was amazing! She helped me step back and plan for 3x as much growth and connect it to my contractors' roles. My job as a business owner just got 10x easier.

Halley Gray, testimonial
Halley Gray
Evolve and Succeed

It kind’a feels like someone just began clearing the underbrush from the forest, so now I see the trees.

Deb Cooperman, client
Deb Cooperman

When you're a better team leader you ...

  • Take more time off since your team keeps your business running without you
  • Spend more time growing your business to make more money, not working 'in' it
  • Feel your creative mojo flowing again
  • Uber clarity with your team on key activites that drive revenue
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    Hey there! I’m Tess and I love helping leaders reach their revenue goals with a brilliant team.

    I want to help you get the right expertise, when you need it, to grow your business. Spending over a decade leading teams, hiring companies and contractors across the globe to help grow their revenue, save millions of dollars and weeks of time. Have you heard of the 10,000 hours magic mark for expertise? I'm way beyond that when we talk about hiring teams, onboarding and team performance.

    I’m a problem solver at the core. Find me a team challenge, a business problem in need of a solution, or simply a need to figure out the question, and I'm all in. I have a people knack too. When you have the right talent your business will feel easier.

    Every business is in a different place with their team. I'm ready to help you get what you need for your brilliant team, so you can make more money and take more time off.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need to have an existing team already in place to work together?  

    • Nope. I can help if you're hiring your first team member or building out a bigger team to grow your business. Whether you've been in business for 6 months or 10 years, we can work together from a team of one to a fully existing team.

    Can you help me hire even if I've never done the activities myself?

    • Absolutely. Just like when you need to hire an auto mechanic (dentist, doctor, electrician etc) you're not expected to have done the work yourself

    Can you help me create a team plan? What roles I need to hire, activities for each role and how to prioritize my team hires.

    • Businesses pivot and need change. I've helped business owners who are going through a complete refresh of their team or updating their team for a major growth plan. They need to determine new team structure, roles, key responsibilities and priorities for hiring. No, this doesn't mean you have to let go of all your existing great team members.